“The byplay between Alder and Mason in Homelife is quite delicious. (Karla) Mason is forthright and sophisticated, funny and affectionate, and surprisingly practical in revealing something that Ann’s husband doesn’t want to hear at all – that something’s missing. . .” See more
At Home at the Zoo Bob Hicks, Oregon ArtsWatch

“(Karla) Mason’s Ann is crisp, neat and streamlined, clarity incarnate. . .Mason, who gets the lion’s share of laughs in the first act, keeps her character simple and stripped of affectation.” See more
At Home at the ZooHolly Johnson, The Oregonian

Karla Mason, 'At Home at the Zoo' Profile Theatre

“As Maggie, Karla Mason has the tough task of creating two distinct characters — Jake’s real wife and the idealized, adoring version in his mind – and she pulls off the switch briskly, with a blend of brittle and soft. . .”
Jake’s WomenBob Hicks, The Oregonian

“Karla Mason puts forth a strong performance as Ouisa Kittridge, member of the upper class tenuously hanging on to (her) social status and convenient class assumptions. (Mason) is well known to the Portland theater community, and comfortable on the Profile stage.”
Six Degrees of SeparationTemple Lentz, The Portland Mercury

“. . .Karla Mason subtly conveys the accretion of wonder and worry beneath Ouisa’s smiling socialite façade.”
Six Degrees of SeparationMarty Hughley, The Oregonian

“Mason gives a straightforward, focused performance. . .The entire cast shines from the beginning. . .revolv(ing) around Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes (Karla Mason).”
An American DaughterHolly Johnson, The Oregonian

“Karla Mason is exceptional as Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes, a renowned health official whose nomination for surgeon general is threatened by a slip-up from her past.”
An American DaughterEric Bartels, Portland Tribune

“. . .the whole thing really only takes off when Aunt Geneva arrives on the scene (played very expertly by Karla Mason.)”
Redwood CurtainInessa, KINK FM 102

“The actors quickly establish a rapport with the audience. . .Mason with her wry sense and sensibility. . .”
Redwood CurtainBob Hicks, The Oregonian

“Karla Mason is convincing and funny as a rich, first-time producer prone to malapropisms.”
It’s Only a PlayMichael McGregor, The Oregonian

“Karla Mason as Alison’s niece, Elsa, (is a) beautiful, talented actress. (Her) scenes shimmer with authenticity.”
Alison’s HouseNY BACKSTAGE

“Karla Mason makes a superb Rep debut as the artsy-flaky Beth, swerving credibly from gaiety to tears in the opening scene, and veering flamboyantly afterwards from rage and resentment to effervescence and euphoria.”
Dinner with FriendsCreative Loathing

“The Hippodrome production works like a sequence of beautifully timed fireworks, and the ensemble acting is nothing short of brilliant…Mason is multifaceted and appealing.”
Private EyesThe Gainesville Sun

Karla Mason, 'Streetcar Named Desire,' Hippodrome Theatre

“Karla Mason as Stella Kowalski is the best I have seen, and I have made a number of visits to Streetcar.”
Streetcar Named DesireFirst Coast Entertainer

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